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020 3376 4835

About Us

Vitamin C IV was founded by a team of specialists based in the UK and Germany. Our specialists hold key knowledge and expertise in the holistic approach, integrating the best of conventional medicine with

solid evidence based complementary therapies.

Over the years our consultants have continued to gain positive results and an improvement of
patient’s well being during their medical journey.


We continue to consult and support patients within the UK, with our dedicated clinic based in London. At Vitamin C IV, we have a tailored approach to designing your infusion programme and understanding your individual medical needs.

Research shows that vitamins and fluids given intravenously are significantly more powerful and effective, with 100% bio availability compared to a 20-30% absorption rate through oral consumption.
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Our years of experience has prepared us to treat our patient.

The Right Support

Count on our experts to deliver accurate advice and the right plan for you. 

Passion and Care

 Services at vitamin c iv are provided with care and passion. 

Tailored Approach

Patient care is tailored to each person diagnosis. 

Safety First

 Our IVs are administered by our medical team with recognized medical experience, following the highest level of safety, sterility, and professionalism.

We are here for you

Offering support and advice for our patients throughout the week.  

Based outside of London?
We offer our services nationwide with our dedicated medical team visiting your home.
Contact us today to start your well being journey. 

How it works 
1. Call to speak with a dedicated patient advisor or leave your details with us.  
2. Let our team know how we can help, our advisory team will explain our services and medical background. 
3. Await a complementary call from our consultant specialist.

Contact Us Today
Tel 020 3376 4835

How can we help?


My consultant was very caring and knowledgeable and I very much appreciate that she shares her knowledge with me. She is also very intuitive. Being under her care has given me back my hope and calmed me right down about my cancer diagnosis and treatment, which consists of conventional immunotherapy and alternative treatments. I hope that my review will motivate others to seek the help they need by contacting her.
Chantel Chopin 

I cannot think of a better service than this one, the doctor is just so knowledgeable and has such a straightforward easy to understand way, she always puts herself out with valuable advice and shares useful information.  I am truly indebted to her.
Helen Spicer

I am so impressed by the care and dedication of this doctor. Her depth of knowledge is impressive. Care of the highest quality.
Cathy Rowen 


If you think conventional medicine is not really helping this is a good place to find help and ideas. I would recommend.
 Nancy Lewis 

Thank you to all the doctors and staff at Vitamin C IV. Very useful information provided and the service provided was with great care.
 Gordon Wright 

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