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end of life support IV London


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IV Treatment for End of Life Care

At Vitamin C IV, we specialize in the care and support of those who are experiencing their final moments of life. 


End of life support has been designed to assist you to live as well as possible and improve those final days with your loved ones.

Our medical consultants have gathered years of experience serving the health of critical patients, with their skilled backgrounds of medical illness and disease, they are prompt to provide the medical support your seek.  

end of life care Treatment

While a decrease in appetite and thirst is an expected part of end of life, it can almost always be worrying. Families are often concerned about reduced food intake or the effects of dehydration.

Families also face difficult questions such as "how much should we do" or "when should we draw the line"?  

These questions hold different answers and each case is unique. 
At Vitamin C IV we take on a tailored approach to analyzing and understanding each patient requirements and designing bespoke infusion programs.
Infusion support has shown to benefit patients by 
-Reducing physical deterioration.
- Improving quality of life.
- Preventing the emotional effect of starving a patient.

Often patients have benefited from a helping hand with natural remedies and intravenous fluids.
Being at the end of ones life should never mean that this extra support is not available.

Our dedicated patient advisors hold years of experience and work closely with our specialist consultants to offer you the best support and advise. Our nursing members are highly emphatic and offer the emotional support and care you need within the comfort of your home.


Smiling Nurse

Home Nursing Service 

A trained nursing member will visit you within your home to administer the recommended infusion. 

What can I expect from my home visit?​

Your assigned nurse would safely administer the infusion and stay within your home with you until the infusion is complete. The nursing member will also complete a physical assessment to provide to our consulting team.


A Infusion also known as a drip is a method of administering fluids directly through the blood stream, bypassing the digestive system.
The ease of this method is convenient for those patients who have been discharged to the care of their family, to spend their final moments with no solution of in taking fluids. It is also beneficial for patients that present lack of energy or difficulties to swallow food or water.
Intravenous therapy allows the patient access to these essential nutrients and fluids.

Speak to our consultants today to find out more information.

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