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Benefits of IV therapy for post-op care

Any type of operation, even those outpatient ones, is a major trauma to your body. After the surgery, that doesn't mean your body is at rest. Instead, it's spending a lot of its remaining energies and resources to help with the healing process, fight off potential new infections, and keep the body functioning as it naturally patches things up.

All vitamins, minerals, and proteins are doing their part to help bring your body back to peak physical condition, which means they're not fully focusing on other aspects. If you are looking for more info on Pre & Post Operative care click here.

operation vitamin c recovery
Operations can be very hard on the body, Vitamin C helps with healing

How IV Therapy can help

Post-operative timeframes can last for several weeks or even up to a year. Depending on the severity of the surgery itself, there may be different phases where your body lacks its most needed nutrients for day-to-day needs or activities.

This is especially true in the first phase right out of the operation, where the body is at risk of getting so weak that it can quickly get sick again and pick up new diseases. IV Therapy helps to get the resources your body needs directly, without the issues that can be caused when trying to ingest pills or wait for foodstuffs to break down.

IV Therapy bypasses the whole system and gets these vitamins into your bloodstream, effectively working immediately, helping to repair your body around the operation site, or providing much-needed reinforcements to your dangerously low levels of vitamins.

Vitamin C plays a big part

Although IV Therapy from us covers numerous nourishing vitamins and minerals, the most critical during the post-operative phase is Vitamin C. As it helps to rebuild your body, it's also an additional armor to protect against those infections and diseases that could creep up when you have a weakened immune system. It may seem like such a common notion, but getting it through IV Therapy will activate it much faster.

It also helps with pain management, and studies have even shown that it reduces it so much to the point that the amount of morphine needed is greatly reduced. This also helps to reduce the risk of potentially creating a morphine addiction.

vitamin c infusion
Vitamin C is vital for recovery and healing

It’s not just about post-op

Besides being a great way to give that necessary boost to a sluggish body, our IV therapy can help support the healing and maintenance process of more critical and chronic illnesses such as cancer, giving a flush of fighters to your body when it needs it most.

For those concerned about IV therapy's downsides, we do our best to cover any major issues here, where you'll see the most significant problem may lie in actually not getting the IV Therapy when needed.

You don't need to combat post-op surgeries or illnesses on your own or chemicals and pharmaceutical treatments alone. When you're ready to help support your natural healing systems, feel free to set up an appointment with us for your next IV Therapy schedule or to simply reach out to us if you have any additional questions.

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Adam Garnes
Adam Garnes
03 lip 2023

Very informative and helpful article about Benefits of IV therapy.

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