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Is IV Vitamin Therapy Safe: Pros & Cons

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The popularity of IV Vitamin Therapy has increased in recent years. Sometimes they are called “IV Lounges”, popping up all over the UK, and have all kinds of health benefits. Some offer a quick hangover recovery, others give you a boost in vital vitamins like Vitamin C, there are also some made for hydration, post-operation recovery, end-of-life care and cancer treatment. But is it safe and does it have real benefits?

Many people are starting to look into going to an IV clinic due to the health benefits and the celebrities that have started using them. Notable celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne have taken part in the growing trend, posting images of them on social media. Before jumping on the trend, it’s important to get informed, that some IV treatment is better for you than others, depending on your situation.

If you are interested in finding out more, please read more here.

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Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy Treatments

Some people don’t get the vitamins they need via their normal diet, they might have a health condition or maybe their lifestyle and diets mean they don’t get everything they need for their body to function at its peak. You can take vitamins and minerals via pills, but these aren’t always very efficient as the pill needs to go through the digestive system, losing some of the benefits. Read more about this here, What are the benefits of IV therapy.

Many celebrities are starting to use these IV therapies to help them feel their best, Dr. Schwartz from Manhattan-based wellness centre Evolved Science, told Health, “Anyone who wants to feel and look their best can benefit from an IV infusion, The benefits are numerous: improved mental clarity, immune-boosting, defence against viruses and flu, body and mind fine-tuning, and even clearer, smoother skin (by supporting collagen production).”

Other benefits include:

  • Faster and easy infusion of any number of vitamins and minerals

  • The vitamins are directly transferred into your body nothing is lost in the digestive system.

  • For those with compromised immune systems who might not be able to absorb vitamins via the normal method, it can be vital to someone’s health to safely get everything you need.

vitamin c from pills

Possible Risks of Vitamin Therapy IV

It’s important to ask a professional if you are unsure if Vitamin Therapy IV is for you. Fairly recently a celebrity was hospitalised asking using liquid IV treatment. In 2018, Kendal Jenner was hospitalised after having a bad reaction to a “Myers cocktail” IV drip. This IV cocktail was developed in the 1960s to give patients vitamin c and b to help improve or boost the immune system. and energy levels. It’s unclear exactly what happened in this incident but a doctor or professional should have told her that this might not be right for her.

Another issue is that some clinics, mainly in the USA, falsely claim to cure health issues. It’s important to make sure you do your research before going to any clinic and using any IV treatment. If you are unsure then always contact your doctor.

Other considerations before you get your Vitamin IV Therapy

There are proven benefits of Vitamin C treatments for many people. Vitamin C is a vital part of your diet, it helps with recovery times for illnesses and colds, improves feelings of tiredness and improves your overall mood. So if you need a boost in Vitamin C fast before or during an illness or operation, it can have huge benefits for your health. It’s also proven to improve people’s lives when they are going through cancer treatment (bare in mind, we never claim that it’s a cure, simply supplemental in recovery and improving life), you can read more about that here.

If you have issues with digesting and absorbing vitamins and nutrients, then IV therapy is perfect for getting everything you need in your body. Your body cannot healthy if it does not have the materials you need. But to get what you need should always be done by an expert.

Sometimes a patient could be allergic to an IV treatment so if you are at risk of this, it’s important to check all of the ingredients to the IV drip.

There are times when the human body needs more than the normal amount of nutrients in the body:

  • When we are dehydrated

  • Need a boost in the immune system for healing

  • Post operation

  • Going through an illness

A Naturopathic doctor Heather Tynan said “Swallowing this vitamin is plausible in doses up to a few thousand milligrams, but beyond that, it tends to cause diarrhoea. So, an IV infusion of vitamin C works around this problem to provide greater quantities of a substance that is much needed in order to more quickly and effectively fight the infection.”

Before doing anything that you are unsure of, please make sure you contact your doctor just to be safe.

Vitamin C IV was founded by a team of specialists based in the UK and Germany. Our specialists hold key knowledge and expertise in the holistic approach, integrating the best of conventional medicine with solid evidence-based complementary therapies. Over the years our consultants have continued to gain positive results and an improvement in patients' well-being during their medical journey.

We continue to consult and support patients within the UK, with our dedicated clinic based in London. At Vitamin C IV, we have a tailored approach to designing your infusion programme and understanding your individual medical needs.

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