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High Dose Vitamin C for Cancer Treatment

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

High Dose Vitamin C for Cancer treatment has been studied for a number of years now. We know that Vitamin C intravenous therapy has a number of health benefits that can help with all aspects of your life whether you have cancer or not. Vitamin C has the following health benefits:

  • Colds & Flu can shorten recovery time and lessen symptoms

  • Fatigue – can help give you an energy boost, especially in combination with B Vitamins

  • Wounds – can help you heal faster

  • Allergies – Vitamin C has antihistamine properties

  • Depression – Vitamin C helps raise neurotransmitter levels

So we know that Vitamin C IV therapy can help with all of the above. When it comes to cancer the health benefits of Vitamin C can help with post-surgery recovery as it boosts your immune system and allows you to heal faster. Although Vitamin C treatment hasn’t been proven to cure cancer, it does help indirectly by making you healthier and taking less strain on the body, which could be vital to recovery.

The evidence so far with Vitamin C as a treatment for cancer

Over ten years ago Vitamin C as a treatment for cancer hit the headlines. But they should be taken with a pinch of salt. A study done by a team of US researchers in 2008 found that when they injected Vitamin C into a group of mice with the brain, ovarian and pancreatic tumours, these are all very difficult to treat forms of cancers. The team found between 41 and 53 per cent reduction in tumour weight. Glioblastoma (brain) tumours, the treatment also prevented cancer from spreading to other organs. But around one-third of the untreated animals showed signs of the cancer spreading.

However, another study found that when patients were given Vitamin C tablets the body can only absorb a certain amount of vitamin c into the bloodstream. This meant a tablet wasn’t enough to have many health benefits. Suggesting the only way to see any benefits with vitamin C is to inject it intravenously, simply taking vitamin C tablets will not give any benefits to treating cancer.

vitamin c treatment for cancer

How does vitamin C actually work as a cancer treatment?

The researchers think that high doses of vitamin C react with the unique chemistry of tumour cells, producing hydrogen peroxide – and it’s this chemical that kills the cancer cells.”To test this, the researchers added an enzyme called catalase – an enzyme that breaks down hydrogen peroxide, along with vitamin C, to cancer cells grown in the lab. This neutralised the anti-cancer effects of the vitamin C, suggesting their theory is correct.” –

Where does this leave us now? There hasn’t been enough testing for us to know for sure if Vitamin C alone is enough to treat cancer. We that simply eating oranges or taking vitamin C tablets isn’t enough but if you inject Vitamin C directly then you can get a very high dosage. But we must ask could a high-dose vitamin C jab be used to treat cancer? There are mixed results.

Some studies find that Vitamin C treatment helps with some side effects of Cancer. But other studies had to be stopped because some patients had severe side effects caused by Vitamin C. Despite this, we know as a fact that Vitamin C IV treatment can help your body improve its immune system, increase healing rates, and keep you hydrated, along with a number of other areas. So we recommend High Dose Vitamin C for Cancer Treatment as well as traditional treatment to improve recovery time and generally to improve your health throughout the process. Click here to learn more about the treatment.

vitamin c oraly treatment

How Vitamin C helps the immune system

Studies have found that Vitamin C can help your immune system. Whether you make it through the tablet or a supplement drink, the evidence is shown here. Vitamin C improves our immune system’s ability to neutralize bacterial, viral, and even fungal infections. Taking too much Vitamin C orally could cause problems gastrointestinal tract. IV therapy allows the body to benefit from higher doses of the vitamin without adverse effects.

Vitamin C treatment for Cancer in London

Vitamin C therapy at Vitamin C IV in London offers a tailored approach for each patient we see, they are individualised with their care, support and infusion programs. So speak to our integrative consultant in cancer care today.

Reviews from happy customers

I find Dr Saskia Kloppenburg very caring and knowledgeable and I very much appreciate that she shares her knowledge with me. She is also very intuitive. Being under her care has given me back my hope and calmed me right down about my cancer diagnosis and treatment, which consists of conventional immunotherapy and alternative treatments. I hope that my review will motivate others to seek the help they need by contacting her. Chantel Chopin
I cannot think of a better service than this one, Dr Saskia Kloppenburg is just so knowledgeable and has such a straightforward easy to understand way, she always puts herself out with valuable advice and shares useful information. I am truly indebted to her. Helen Spicer
I am so impressed by the care and dedication of this doctor. Her depth of knowledge is impressive. Care of the highest quality. Cathy Rowen
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