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How IV Therapy can help with Cancer Treatment

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

IV therapy for cancer treatment can help the patient in a huge number of ways including easing the pain that they are suffering from their battle with cancer. According to Cancer Research UK there are around 375,000 new cancer cases in the UK every year, that’s nearly around 1000 a day. IV therapy can help cancer patients with many of the symptoms that chemotherapy gives them including, chronic fatigue, pain, and loss of focus. IV therapy is not a treatment for cancer, i.e. it does not cure it but can have some massive benefits for those suffering from it.

iv treatment for cancer

How does IV therapy help cancer patients?

IV therapy can help patients of all kinds in any stage of cancer. One of the main benefits of IV treatment is that it helps the body’s immune system. During chemotherapy your body needs to work very hard to fight off the build-up of toxins, IV therapy helps your body do this. IV infusions also have anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce swelling and soreness caused by side effects from treatment or surgery. It’s important to keep yourself healthy during cancer treatment so you’re able to recover more quickly once treatment is over.

Improving one’s quality of life is important for cancer treatment, IV therapy can help alleviate symptoms like chronic fatigue, pain, and loss of focus. Improving someone’s fatigue can give them the energy to recover faster or just simply go back to living their normal life. There are a number of different IV treatments that would benefit a cancer sufferer, depending on what they specifically need. An IV treatment for health and hydration will help with those losing weight or not getting the nutrition their body needs due to their diagnosis. Or you might need Vitamin C treatment to supplement your body and help with post-surgery recovery. Another example of how IV treatment helps with cancer patients is reducing dehydration, there are a number of IV treatments that gives you all the hydration your body needs to function effectively. Increased hydration reduces fatigue and helps improve your immune system.

Research into the Benefits of Vitamin C IV Therapy for Cancer Treatment

A study by Ewan Cameron and Linus Pauling in 1976 found some significant benefits for increased Vitamin C via IV therapy in cancer patients. They gave 100 terminal cancer patients extra doses of Vitamin C via IV therapy and compared them to 1000 patients treated in the same way but without Vitamin C. Although the study was made a while ago and didn’t have a real control group, it did have some significant benefits. Patients treated with vitamin C had improved quality of life and a four-fold increase in their mean survival time. In a follow-up study, Cameron and Pauling reported that 22% of vitamin C-treated cancer patients survived for more than one year compared to only 0.4% of control patients. So although these studies were conducted a while ago it shows how well these treatments work for cancer patients.

iv treatment for cancer patients

Get your IV treatment today with Vitamin C IV

Vitamin C IV was founded by a team of specialists based in the UK and Germany. Our specialists hold key knowledge and expertise in the holistic approach, integrating the best of conventional medicine with solid evidence-based complementary therapies. Over the years our consultants have continued to gain positive results and an improvement in patient's well-being during their medical journey. We continue to consult and support patients within the UK, with our dedicated clinic based in London. At Vitamin C IV, we have a tailored approach to designing your infusion program and understanding your individual medical needs.

How it works 1. Call to speak with a dedicated patient advisor or leave your details with us. 2. Let our team know how we can help, our advisory team will explain our services and medical background. 3. Await a complimentary call from our consultant specialist.

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