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IV Therapy for Surgery Recovery

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Vitamin IV therapy helps increase the levels of important vitamins and minerals in the body, which is especially needed when there is a shock to the system, such as after surgery. The IV drip therapy can maintain your immune system with B vitamins, help with healing and repair with Zinc, and by boosting vitamin C levels, the production of collagen is aided. All of which are essential for your body after any major surgery.

iv treatment post surgery

When to undergo IV therapy?

The drip therapy can help with your recovery right after your surgery, delivering vital nutrients needed during this time. The therapy can be just what is needed if your recovery from surgery isn’t going as planned, helping you get back on track with nutrients being delivered immediately.

Planning out your vitamin IV therapy in advance of your surgery date may be the best course of action to ensure a speedy recovery. This could prevent any vitamin deficiency and give a needed boost to your immune system pre-surgery. Planning out your IV therapy in this way could help to maximize the benefits in the long term, especially if undergoing a serious surgical procedure.

Which is the best IV vitamin therapy for me?

Pre and Post Operative Care - Provided by us will help to deal with the trauma of surgery, ensuring a structured plan in preparation for the surgery date and post-surgery support. The healing phase after surgery requires amino acids, vitamins, and minerals all of which are provided by vitamin IV therapy. The therapy therefore should quicken the healing process, as well as improve the immune response of your body. This is by far the best IV therapy to undergo to fully support your recovery from your surgery.

High Dose Vitamin C Infusion - Perhaps you feel you may not need extensive IV therapy for your surgery but would still benefit from IV vitamin C. A high dose of vitamin C via IV therapy can provide benefits beyond that of regular low-dose vitamin C supplements. These include anti-inflammatory effects, reduction in levels of pain, and being a potent anti-cancer agent. These effects may still be useful to you pre or post-surgery to help deal with any pain/inflammation or to boost your immune system after it has likely been under stress from the surgery you have undergone.

post operation iv treatment

Contact Us

If you feel any of these services could be of use to you due to an upcoming or recent surgery, or perhaps you would like more information about vitamin IV therapy use the contact details below.

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